Escape from Tarkov

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Undetected, powerful multihack for EFT.

Hardcore games need hardcore cheats. With our EFT cheat you will discover a completely different game - and it's a better one.

  • Release date: 13.01.2020
  • Developers: Blunt
  • Supported anticheats: BattlEye
  • Supported OS: Windows 10 (x64)
Note: This cheat is invite-only. You can read more about invites here.


Safety First

Safety is the #1 priority with all our cheats. This is particularly important in games that are quite expensive, such as EFT.


PC gamers have gotten used to poorly optimized games. Adding a non-optimized cheat on top of that may drop your FPS even more and make the game unplayable. We have spent a lot of time optimizing our framework and have made sure that the impact on your game's performance is almost non-existent.

Features That Matter

It is important that a cheat developer knows the game they are working on like we do. By understanding the game mechanics we are able to focus on the features that are the most beneficial for the player.

Our EFT cheat has everything you need to escape from Tarkov. Say goodbye to losing your loot and getting killed by tryhards.



  • Silent Aimbot
  • Custom Aim Spot
  • Custom FOV
  • Lock on Target (toggle)

Player ESP

  • Show Players
  • Show Scavs (toggle)
  • Show Team (toggle)
  • Show Name
  • Show Distance
  • Show Skeleton
  • Show Health
  • Show 2D Box
  • Show Direction
  • Show Hands Item
  • Show Inventory Contents
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Range

Object ESP

  • Corpse ESP
  • Show Contents
  • Lootable ESP
  • Show Contents
  • Item ESP
  • Filter by Value
  • Secret Stash ESP
  • Extraction Point ESP
  • Custom Ranges


  • Auto-Rotate
  • Show Player Rotation
  • Custom Location
  • Custom Size
  • Custom Range
  • Custom Colors


  • No Sway
  • No Recoil
  • Custom Crosshair
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