What are referrals?


Referrals are an easy way to get balance to your PerfectAim wallet. You can then use your wallet balance to buy hacks from our store - for free or just pay less.


You can earn balance to our store by inviting new members to our site. You can refer your friends or random people all over the internet. They just have to sign up using your own unique referral link which you can find on the bottom of the page. Registering alone doesn't earn you anything, but you get 6% of each purchase they make to your PerfectAim wallet.


Referral rules



  • When a guy who you have referred, makes a purchase, or donate, you will get 6% of the purchase/donation amount to your in-store wallet.
  • There's a maximum limit for credit earned through referrals, which is 50€/$55.




  1. Check and copy your own referral link from the bottom of this page
  2. Use the link in your forum signatures, send to your friends - anything you can think of
  3. Wait for people to click your link and register on the PerfectAim forum


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Referral Banners

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