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  2. yeah hi, I have the chams cheat.

  3. Welcome To My Profile!


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  5. Thanks for following!

  6. I hope to be able to buy PUBG to cheat

  7. Yesterday
  8. hey blunt I'm looking to buy the rust hack but its invite only obviously this is good to many people leaking cheats but im 15 got no clue how to screw around with leaking cheats or doing stupid shit like that looking to buy please let me know my email is


  9. Battlefield 1 is servers are getting empty nowdays. sad....


  10. i´m back from holiday now. The next raffle will be start soon.....

  11. Last week
  12. Any plans for a COD WW2 cheat? That would be awesome

  13. Who the fuck donates 500?

    1. kjellecool


      Just saw that aswell, my boy is rich ;)

    2. zaphamcizlew


      I'm missing 5 euro paypal can someone help?

  14. In RUST! How many levels of worktable are needed for the blueprint of explosive packs?

    1. kutkaas


      Hi workbanch 3 you need



    2. woshib1g
  15. Nice friendly guy!

  16. THANK YOU !!




  17. Hello I just wanted to express my appreciation for all the work that you and your team put in to satisfy others request. You are the best cheat provider out there and you should be very proud of that!

  18. Yo congratz about the donation, how u donate? i cant for some reason

    1. Yabo0


      u need paypal for it :) 


      Go on Forums (top left corner)


      Then scroll down 2 the donations on the right site Click on view donations then there will be the Tab where u can Donate.


      if u have more questions u can pm me :p

    2. Luxi


      Alright thanks!

    3. Yabo0


      no Problem m8 ! you welcome :)

  19. Cant wait for the upcoming R6 updates!!!


  20. Omg.. I just won a giveaway from @acrimboldo!!! Ty very2 much bro. i trully apreaciate the gift. May god bless u :) ty again


  21. Quero comprar hack de Black squad global steamm!!mais ta

    dizendo que preciso ser convidado 

  22. Check my perfectaim. csgo legit settings ! Best for play legit 

  23. already 310 followers. Congrats man keep up the good work .

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