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Posted July 12, 2018
  • So I used the RR cheat for 1 week so far and have been very satisfied so far, I know lots of people who use this cheat to rage hack on RR but I used it for legit cheating with just a little bit of esp and small amount of aimbot, it worked very well didn't look obvious at all and I was never banned. I still died and didn't win every game which is too be expected when not going blatant but it did bring my win percentage up and I sometimes went on win streaks of 4 or 5 while still looking legit.

For anyone who would like my legit settings they were as followed (I have 3 settings, 1 for no aimbot which I used just after getting a kill or if my friend was watching me after they died, 1 for hitscan weapons which had a higher smooth so was less flicky which still worked fine and the last for non-hitscan weapons)

Aimbot - Disabled
ESP - Player Bones/Health
Triggerbot - Enabled (Didn't use, however, never needed to)
NoSpread/NoRecoil - Disabled

Aimbot - Enabled
Fov - 10
Smooth - 10
Lock-on - Disabled
Target - Fov based
Keybind - Right Click
ESP - Player Bones/Health
Triggerbot - Enabled
No Spread/No Recoil - Disabled

Aimbot - Enabled
Fov - 10
Smooth - 6
Lock-on - Disabled
Target - Fov based
Keybind - Right Click
ESP - Player Bones/Health
Triggerbot - Enabled
No Spread/No Recoil - Enabled

Now onto the review:

  • Features
    • The features worked perfectly 9/10, ESP showed everyone clearly, aimbot worked nicely. Only complain would be if your trying to look legit aimbotting somebody from far away is going to look kinda obvious even with a high smooth.
  • Security
    • 10/10 even more so now its invite only, I trust and highly doubt this cheat is getting detected any time soon.
  • Community
  •     The community is great and helpful, post stuff on the forums and you'll be heard and get many replies 8/10. The only complaint would be staff don't tend to reply     often with answers so most things are just people guessing.
  • Conclusion
    • Overall 9/10 and definitely would recommend, Only very small complaints which really don't affect the overall quality of the cheat. (I cannot comment on support as I didn't need any, however, from what I've seen on the forums there is lots of support if you are having any technical issues.)

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Posted July 12, 2018
Thanks for leaving your review, Lexiosus! I like how well detailed it was and glad you recommend and have had a good experience with it! Cheers! :D


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Posted July 15, 2018
Thanks for making the review! :D