Why PerfectAim?

Affordable Pricing

PerfectAim gives the best value for your money. Cheating shouldn't cost more than your rent, even if it's a private cheat.

Instant Access

Signing up and checking out is simple, fast and easy. If your subscription doesn't require additional verification, you can begin cheating in minutes.

Easy to Use

Installing our software only takes a few seconds. Our extensive help guides will walk you through any problem you may face while using our products.

We Got Your Back

If you have problems with our products or just need some assistance to get the most out of them, just submit a ticket and we will get back to you quickly.

Truly Undetected

It's all about transparency. We keep our status page up-to-date along with public detection history for all products.

Unique Community

No toxic behaviour. Our focus is on the products we provide which is why PerfectAim has managed to stay out of the usual cheating scene drama.

You Will Be Noticed

Undetected private cheats are usually very hard to get. We are trying to change that by inviting new users on regular basis. Is it your turn next?

More Than a Customer

Anyone can be a reseller for PerfectAim. Our unique voucher system makes trading easy and with our referral system you can get free cheats or even earn some money.

From Cheaters to Cheaters

We are not using any third party forum software, which is why our site is filled with unique features. This makes the PerfectAim experience.

Register, check out and dominate the battlefield in less than 5 minutes.

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