Sea of Thieves (STEAM)

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Simply the best SoT hack you have seen.

Our Sea of Thieves hack is one of the most advanced on the market, featuring powerful aimbot, smooth ESP and mighty accurate prediction markers.

  • Release date: 14.01.2020
  • Developers: Jordan
  • Supported anticheats: SoT anticheat
  • Supported OS: Windows 10 (x64)
This software only supports the Steam version of the game.
This product has stream protection so it will not work on Shadow cloud gaming computers.


Something New

When we decided to make a SoT cheat, we agreed that it won't be released until it's the best on the market. It's out now.

FPS Matters

We have spent a fair amount of time optimizing our cheat to the point where it doesn't cause any FPS loss or stability issues.

Never Miss a Shot

If you run into another hacker, the one with better aimbot prediction usually wins. By reversing the game engine we have been able to implement a prediction that is as accurate as it can possibly be.



  • Player Aimbot
  • NPC Aimbot
  • Canon Aimbot
  • Animal Aimbot
  • Gunpowder Aimbot
  • Harpoon Aimbot
  • Custom Keybind
  • Custom FOV
  • Custom Smoothing
  • Custom Target Bone
  • Visibility Checks
  • Draw FOV (toggle)
  • Track Through Walls (toggle)

Player ESP

  • Show Names
  • Show Health
  • Show Skeleton
  • Show Weapon

Other ESP

  • Ship ESP
  • Treasure ESP
  • Animal ESP
  • Common X ESP
  • World-Info ESP
  • Storage ESP
  • Cannonball ESP
  • Static ESP
  • Visibility Checks
  • Custom Colors


  • Prediction Markers
  • Crosshair
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