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  1. All my friends are dead
    Push me to the edge

    1. MattyBRaps


      I don't really care if you cry

      On the real you should've never lied

      Should've saw the way she looked me in my eyes

      She said baby I am not afraid to, die

  2. как купить подскажешь ?


  3. Can you Invite Me In the Black Squad Cheat?


  4. the things goes skraa

    1. MattyBRaps


      Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa

  5. da ting go skkkkrrrraaaaa papakakaka

  6. Happy Birthday <3

  7. Did you just issue a warning  because I spoke out against an idiot who downvoted my post without any reason? 

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    2. Pauser7


      No I don't want to appeal. I just wanted to know if you have any idea about "hearing both sides".

      Got to know how mature you are, joke of a moderator. 


      I am done with this forum. Retarded people running around downvoting stuff and when you speak out you get warned for spam. 


      Do you even understand meaning of spam? Spam is something which is not useful and completely unrelated to the person it is addressed to. Clearly you are having a problem comprehending it. I don't give a eff about this. But learn what something is before dishing out punishments listening to some cry baby. 


      Congrats you have decided to board an invite whore and send off a member who has (and planned on) contributing to community. 


      One more thing, I am posting this here just so others would get to know. Delete it if you can't handle the truth, ban me if you're offended. I couldn't care less. 


      Have a nice day. 

    3. OHMEGA


      Da ting go skkkkrrrraaa, papakakaka

    4. MattyBRaps




      I apologise about how you feel when it comes to the rules of the site. You have to take into consideration that we can’t have a large amount users who take actions like yourself. This includes commenting on someone’s profile “Quit being a pussy.”. As you can imagine, if every user did this and then started using features incorrectly, the site would be out of hand.


      I hope you can understand this.


      Many Thanks and have a nice day,



  8. Live Support is Online!

    1. woshib1g
    2. BySkyLox


      I think... That fantastic :D 

  9. Please do not message me regarding invites. Your message will be ignored